All you need to do is Signing up for interview,
then wait for call up. All are online.

  • Choose interviews   that you are interested in
  • Receive invitation  for online interview
  • Be presence   at the interview lobby when interview is due
  • Join the interview   give your best shot

Why Jobklik?

Jobklik offers an innovatve job hunting process. Pick an interview you would like to attend, register, attend, get interviewed and wait for good news. All are done online!

No uncertainty

Unlike applying job in job portal, you will know the outcome by interview date. No more uncertainty.

Less hassle

Sometimes fixing interview schedule alone is painful, let alone beat the traffic jam to attend interview.

Faster results

Unlike traditional job portal, we help employer to shortlist candidates so the process generally faster

Cost effective

No brainer. It's much cheaper doing interview online rather than going to their office during office hour.

Upcoming Interview

Below are interviews you can attend

PT. Inti Saga Duta Mas 22 Feb


SMU or lower · 0 thn
Rp 3.250.000,-

PT Saka Digital Arsana 03 Mar

Web Developer

Degree · 2 thn
IDR 4-7M (negotiable)

Bukhori Muhammad Aqid
PT Saka Digital Arsana 03 Mar

Mobile Developer

Degree · 1 thn
IDR 4-7M

Bukhori Muhammad Aqid

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